Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies

Cookie is a short text file, which the visited site sends into the browser. It enables the web to register information about your visit, e.g. the preferred language and other settings. The next visit of the web page can be simpler and more productive. Cookie files are important. Without it the web browsing would be much more complicated.

Cookie files are used for many purposes. We use them, for example to store your settings of safe searching, to monitor the number of visitors of the site, to simplify registration of new services and to protect your data.

Types of cookies used


These cookies carry information on the current setting of the site. If a web site supports personalization, e.g. enlargement of text, change of colours etc., the information will be stored in the cookies.


If a web site supports user login, the cookie security files are used to verify users, to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials and to protect users' data against access of unauthorized parties.